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RDA Party’s core foundation is that freedom is every person’s birth right.  It should be protected, and all laws should reinforce our freedoms.  We fundamentally oppose regulations that restrict an individual’s freedoms and basic human rights.  It is our mission to promote and advocate for the elimination of any laws which allow for these freedoms to be eroded. These include but are not limited to:

  • Freedom of Speech
  • Freedom of Religion
  • Freedom of Movement
  • Freedom of Medical/Health Choice
  • Freedom of Trade

“Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction.  We didn’t pass it to our children in the bloodstream.  It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same.” – R. Reagan.

Freedom of Speech

Freedom of Speech and the press are one of the cornerstones of a democratic society, yet Australia fails to have this as a constitutionally protected freedom.  RDA Party believes strongly in everyone’s right to free speech, without fear of censorship, discrimination, ridicule or retribution from anyone especially government, corporations and big tech. 

We recognise that open respectful discussions and debate of opposing opinions provides diverse perspectives.  This exchange enriches the quality of information, ensuring all Australians can form their own personal positions, judgements and understanding of present-day issues.

It is for this reason that we support and will advocate for a constitutional amendment to protect our right to free speech and freedom of the press.

Freedom of Religion

Australia is a nation with Christian heritage which has influenced our current structures and way of life.  We are a diverse nation that accepts the unique features that underpin many customs this includes their religious beliefs.

Religion gives us:

  • Faith that leads to hope,
  • Teaches compassion, forgiveness and gratitude,
  • Promotes good ethics and morals,
  • Develops courage, integrity and honesty,
  • Encourages resilience and inner strength,
  • A social structure that flourishes with a sense of belonging.

The above attributes are a part of everyone’s lives, regardless of one’s religious beliefs. They can be seen in the cornerstones of our society and in our laws which provide the framework where we all can live cohesively and peacefully.

It is for this reason that RDA Party will fight to protect our religious freedoms, and freedom to express those beliefs such as going to church. 

Australia is a western tolerant society, where religious persecution should not exist.  Persecution is unacceptable and not in line with our values both as a party and as a nation. 

It is everyone’s right to believe freely in a religion of their choice, however the expression of that belief is subject first to the laws of the land and must ensure the freedom, liberty and mutual respect of all people in Australia.

We recognise and commend the work started on the proposed Religious Discrimination Bill 2019.  Since the drafting of this proposed bill, there has been increasing evidence of religious persecution which reinforces our position that religious beliefs must be granted equal protection, along with other rights under Federal law.  It is crucial that the final draft of this proposed legislation is prepared and presented to parliament, to protect everyone’s freedom of religion, making it unlawful to discriminate based on religious beliefs in all aspects of life.

RDA Party proposes that the review of feedback from the second exposure draft be expedited and have the bill progress to becoming law.

Freedom of Movement

Australia is a federation of States and Australian residents are more than just residents of the state they live in.  Everyone should be FREE to move within our borders and all travel restrictions, implemented since 2020, should be rescinded.  These include but are not limited to:

  • Restriction of permitted outdoor activity (e.g. exercise).
  • Restriction on the number of people permitted to be seen per day.
  • Restriction on the distance allowed to travel from one’s place of residence.
  • Restriction on the hours permitted to leave the home.

Mandatory Vaccine Passport

RDA Party opposes any pandemic vaccine monitoring and or registration of Australians, as a record on passports or equivalent documentation, especially where the intent is to qualify or disqualify a person’s ability to freely travel anywhere in Australia.  We fully support the ‘No Domestic COVID Vaccine Passports Bill 2021’ and will advocate a further addition to this bill to include international travel by Australians.  Restrictions should NOT be applied to any individual based on their medical choices – we interpret this to be a breach of our basic human rights.

Freedom of Medical/Health Choice

An individual’s right to medical choice is an intrinsic, sovereign and inherent right.  We firmly believe that all people, (including children under 18 with their parents/guardians consent) are entitled to make their own informed medical choices in direct consultation with their chosen qualified medical practitioner.

It’s your body, it’s your choice. 

Information and the availability of medical information facilitates and is essential for an individual to reach informed consent.  Government should not impose restrictions on the ability to have a qualified medical practitioner prescribe what is necessary to fulfill their oath, Primum non nocere – first do no harm. 

It is for this reason that we are committed to making sure that:

  • Bans or restrictions prohibiting an individual’s right to access and receive needed medical treatment is lifted.
  • Remove restrictions and any implied right to interfere with anyone’s ability to choose and come to a place of informed consent.

Freedom of Trade

The Federal Constitution (Section 92) states that ‘intercourse among the States … shall be absolutely free’.  ‘Intercourse among the States’ means the movement of people, goods and communications across State borders.  While the Constitution says that this shall be ‘absolutely free’, it has long been accepted by the courts that there can be valid exceptions.

We fully believe the freedom to trade, and work is the cornerstone of maintaining and striving for a better standard of living. We consider all work to be essential, that earning an income is necessary for meeting life’s obligations and maintaining our current lifestyles.

RDA Party unequivocally supports all lines of work that are lawful and respects the rights of all Australians to earn a living unimpeded with only one exception, and that is during times of war where an enemy has been identified to have breached Australian borders and poses an immediate threat to public safety and life.  In such cases, we support the role of the Australian Defence Force (ADF) to operate in its full capacity throughout both urban and rural settings to neutralize the threat without the additional obstruction of civilians in the streets.

In situations where other threats to public health and or safety may be present, such as pandemics, epidemics, endemics, or natural disasters, we will always support business owners and employees to make their own determinations.  Specifically in relation to what degree of risk they will take on to maintain ongoing income.  We believe that Australians can be trusted to make their own decisions eliminating government enforced work-related mandates.

In saying that, we consider it the duty of government to inform the community of all information to allow employers and employees to make informed decisions. Employees shall not be coerced by employers to attend workplaces that have been deemed unsafe and should be, where possible, provided with alternate arrangements such as working from home.

In relation to trading (with the sole exception of wartime) we do not support any government mandate that:

  • Restricts movement, whether it be crossing internal borders or international borders, in line with the Freedom of Movement outlined above.
  • Restricts or confines businesses and or employees to operating within a prescribed time frame.
  • Restricts business owners and their employees from working in their primary business location or an alternate agreed location.


Since 2020, our government, at all levels, has had a reactionary, disproportionate response.  In basic terms COVID-19 managed our government, rather than our government managing COVID-19. 

Australia evolved into a nation exiled from the rest of the world, where our confused politicians turned to many different management processes.  They justified themselves with data that took us on a journey from “flattening the curve” to having an elimination mindset, where our states now controlled the federal government response, taking us down the slippery slope in having to accept what would be called the “new COVID normal”. 

In the event of a pandemic, epidemic, endemic, outbreak or health crisis, we must have a plan that will be implemented with a measured and proportionate response as a priority.

Our Pandemic Management Plan (PMP) passionately believes that the response to current and future pandemics should be managed at the federal level, encompassing all Australians and should focus on:

  • Protecting all people’s basic human rights and freedoms.
  • Government day to day operation continues unimpeded.
  • Economic drivers remain active, and businesses remain open.
  • Science and data used is publicly available promoting debate, transparency, accountability, and trust.
  • Protect society’s most vulnerable.
  • Show leadership through forecasting the details of an exit plan.

There has been a massive focus and concentration towards the pandemic response.  Our desire is to see all medical treatment given the appropriate prioritisation required to ensure that other conditions continue to receive treatment providing a more holistic approach.  Some examples include mental health and the testing/treatment for chronic disease like diabetes, cancer and cardiovascular conditions.

Informed Choice

We respect the ability of the Australian people to make their own informed medical choices and encourage the public to seek medical advice with their chosen medical practitioner.  Medical information should be readily available and accessible to the public, including but not limited to:

  • Actual risks of the virus in relation to their personal circumstances (age, health status, etc) factoring in the probability of survival, severity of illness and the potential to be asymptomatic.
  • The limitations of tests (e.g. PCR tests including the cycle thresholds used and the related percentage of false positives).
  • Evidenced based facts on the risk versus benefits of wearing PPE (e.g. masks, face shields, gloves etc).
  • Promote good health via education about dietary and lifestyle strategies which can reduce the risk of disease.
  • Availability of information about viable treatment protocols, trialled worldwide (e.g. COVID-19 including Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine).
  • TGA approval policy designed to protect the public that has been overridden (e.g. The full disclosure of facts concerning the provisional approval of vaccines, including safety considerations, that not scheduled to be completed until 2023).
  • Transparency around the efficacy including the benefits and potential risks from the vaccine including:
    • Acute Reactions (Post Vaccination period < 3months) e.g. Blood clots causing death,
    • Subacute Reactions (Post Vaccination period 3 months – 3 years) and
    • Long Term Reactions (Post Vaccination period > 3 years) these are still unknown in humans.

No Jab – No Work, Pay or Play

Medical coercion is NEVER acceptable. 

Every individual’s circumstances are specific to them and we actively oppose any legislation that supports a “No Jab = No Work, Pay or Play” position. 

If the government believes in the genuine care, health and wellbeing of all people, it MUST provide viable treatment protocols to support the choices of a cross-section of the community that simply do not wish to be vaccinated. 

This is not about being “anti-vaccine”, it is not about being an “anti-vaxxer”, this is about respecting and supporting the fact that it is “Your Body, Your Choice”.  It is time to start respecting every individual’s choice without fear of retribution from anywhere or anyone.


National Curriculum

RDA Party believes that the National Curriculum must reinforce the foundational principles of education.  This includes a return to the core academic pillars being numeracy, language, history, social studies, technology, science, physical education and the arts. 

We believe that educational institutions and like platforms, should be free from political biases, social agendas and educators’ personal beliefs, thus underpinning the moral and ethical standards of children as the primary responsibility of parents.  This includes and is not limited to the following:

  • Social ideologies.
  • Political values.
  • Personal identity, including gender, gender fluidity, sexuality.
  • Race marginalisation including Critical Race Theory.
  • Religious and religion-based ideologies and principles.
  • Climate and Environmental theology.

RDA Party will promote a curriculum based on tested and debated facts, scientific and historical, while providing a balanced approach to theories, ideologies and promoting an environment free of academic persecution. 

Critical Race Theory

RDA Party will not support the introduction of Critical Race Theory in or at any level of education as part of the national curriculum.

Trade and Apprentices

RDA Party supports maintaining and increasing the current federal government initiatives around providing vocational training for individuals desiring a trade career, including those seeking to achieve this via an apprenticeship pathway.

Life Skills Education

As society evolves, we should adapt to making provisions to develop the contemporary life skills that we as a modern society now need and have come to rely on.  We believe that all students should be given the opportunity to grow in these areas so they can make a positive contribution to society and their personal lives.

RDA Party is committed to seeing a proportion of the national curriculum devoted to fostering the development of life skills that will cultivate well rounded individuals for future generations.  Some of these areas include:

  • Health management including physical, mental, nutritional and social well-being.
  • Financial literacy such as banking, finance, budgeting and responsible financial management.
  • Responsible use of Technology & Social Media as well as addressing online bullying.

It is these additional life skills that need to be available to all students, so that society can continue to have well-balanced, confident, resilient and responsible individuals as we progress towards a future that encompasses all these areas accelerated by technology.


RDA Party backs the proposal made by the ‘Joint Standing Committee on Electoral Matters’ in December 2020 which recommended that “voters must present a form of acceptable identification to be issued with an ordinary pre-poll or election day vote.”  The current process permits multiple voting to occur which may result in candidates being unfairly appointed as MPs which could ultimately influence the governing party for the following term.

Procedural change should be implemented without delay to minimise multiple voting and protect the value of every Australian’s vote.


RDA Party advocates the Commonwealth sex discrimination law (Sex Discrimination Act 1984) which allows sport to be organized based on sex “in any competitive sporting activity in which the strength, stamina or physique of competitors is relevant”.  We vehemently denounce Sport Australia’s guidelines which say that sport “should be based on a person’s affirmed gender identity and not the sex they were assigned at birth”.  The purpose of Women’s sport is to provide a separate competition for female participants to be able to:

  • Compete fairly against competitors with the same biological gender characteristics from birth. Biologically born females should compete with biologically born females.
  • Promote a safe environment with equal opportunity for competitive participation.
  • Provide realistic opportunities for success which may result in employment, sponsorship, or other financial benefits.
  • Cultivate welcoming environments which encourage increased involvement of female participants of all ages.

RDA Party will work towards an amendment to ensure that sports men and women, in their respective gender characteristics can compete equally and fairly.